Orthodontic Treatment Process Explained

Orthodontic treatment process:

The principal thing is to make an appointment with your dentist. At Vyom,we have Dr. Kalyani Trivedi,a highly experienced and a well-known expert in the orthodontics field,who has handled a countless number of treatments.

On the initial day you go to counseling,they will do a thorough dental examination to further execute the procedure. For this,you need:

â ¢ Dental photos.

â ¢ X-ray.

â ¢ Ceph X-ray.

â ¢ Ascending on the articulator.

With these,the orthodontist will evaluate the target,the equipment utilized,whether it needs to be removed,and how to effectively support the upper front teeth lips.

Additionally,the most suitable type of treatment will be selected according to your situation:

â ¢ Invisible aligners

â ¢ Lingual braces

â ¢ Sapphire,Metal & Damon Braces

â ¢ Children Orthodontic treatments 

Scheduling an appointment with your dentist:

After the orthodontics analysis,the clinic will schedule an interview,and our expert dentists will advise you about the entire evaluation outcome,what occurred,and what your obstacle is and how to fix it. Also,during this period,you will be told when you should receive oral care treatment.

Each monthly period,your teeth will be moved by the orthodontist gradually within the predicted time. If you use Invisalign aligners,you will get two new supports,further performing a tooth removal process and replacing the gums. For conventional and traditional braces,in addition to those previously mentioned in Invisalign,the arches and ligation will also be replaced. Through these examinations,dentists will also be able to review your oral condition if there is a problem with your gums or tooth decay. 

Tips to follow while while undergoing orthodontic treatment process:

If you have just undergone an orthodontic treatment such as braces,you may feel unfamiliar and may even experience distress and mild ache. This is because it takes some time to adapt to any change.

Few of the most important steps that you must follow while undergoing your dental treatment is as below:

Avoid inconvenience: You may feel discomfort or pain during the initial treatment period. These feelings are experienced temporarily and although at first glance it seems that you are not going along with your orthodontic treatment pleasantly,you would be glad to know that many patients feel the same way. 

When you wear braces,your teeth or sides of your mouth may feel sensitive. The soreness or ache experience will disappear after some time. However,if you are sensitive to your teeth,you can consult a dentist to confirm taking painkillers. And,if you find any visible wounds,you should buy an ointment from a pharmacy. The role of such products is to protect the area from scratches and to advance the remedial means.

Choosing Invisalign treatment instead of the traditional ones can help ease the discomfort,as it is usually more comfortable. Since the aligner has no presence of metal elements,brackets or arches,it will not cause much pain and discomfort.

Hygiene maintenance: The people who wear braces should brush their teeth for three to five minutes. As a result of the included brackets,the collection of food debris takes place,making cleaning teeth a tough task. In the Invisalign,since the aligners are flexible to be removed while brushing your teeth,no particular routine or method is required in the daily hygiene process. Thus it is not necessary to brush your teeth for 3 to 5 minutes.

Keep an eye on your food intake choices: Although there is no restriction on a diet for Invisalign braces wearers,for the conventional braces treatment,it is suggested that patients with braces pay some attention while picking the right food types. Avoid the intakes of hard and chewy food which may cause damage to your brackets and wires.

Applying it all the time: If you use fixed braces such as metal,ceramic or such,then this is not advisable as those are non-removable. However,with Invisalign aligners,usage time becomes significant. Since they are detachable,it becomes essential for the patients to ensure that they wear back their aligners once done with their brushing or meal routines for rest of the day. Not following the recommended schedule can delay the chances of treatment to be completed within the stipulated period.

Using bands as per the instructions: While undergoing braces treatment,you may need to use an elastic band between your jaws. In some treatments,these bands should be used to correct teeth bites. If you required those,your assigned dental will have to explain how they are placed. The same thing is advisable for Invisalign wearers too. In some cases,it is necessary to use intra-jaw elastics.

Following correct appointment schedule practises: Although any orthodontic treatment requires us to follow the dental experts’ advice,certain available treatments will help minimize in scheduling less appointments. For the traditional braces treatment (metal,ceramic,lingual),you have to see your orthodontist in Ahmedabad every month. The primary purpose for these appointments is to alter ligaments and sometimes arches. These ensure that those parts exert the necessary pressure on the teeth to achieve appropriate movements. Thus,it is strongly suggested not to delay those routines as failure to do so may result in achieving the desired results.

Invisalign aligners appointments are also scheduled every 4 to 6 weeks. However,if your dentist deems fit,he may adopt a slightly more flexible approach.

Respecting any emergency visits: Some treatments may force us for an unexpected dentist visit. The most common situation is an emergency situation arising as a result of the archwire entering inside the cheek of the mouth. If you encounter this situation,it is recommended to seek your dental surgeon’s advice and urgently scheduling an appointment to fix that issue. Another most common cause of emergency appointment is due to the brackets coming off and falling apart. In this scenario,a patient should wait for its next scheduled appointment with their dentist for installing a new one. However,in the case with Invisalign,an emergency appointment is not needed since there are not any metal parts associated. A patient may mistakenly lose its aligner. Still,for that reason,too,it is not critical for scheduling an urgent appointment.

Tips after the orthodontal treatment: Most of the specific advice we have provided here should be made during treatment. However,the final tip we give you is suitable after your orthodontic treatment. Once your braces are removed,it is time to use retainers which is also considered as one of the essential phases post your treatment. If the retainers are not properly implemented there are chances that your teeth move back to their original position. Therefore,as per the dental experts,it is highly advisable to adhere to your retainers regime once your braces treatment gets done.

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