Debunking the myths

There are many people that have heard that expelling all minerals out of the water isn’t a good idea and are wondering if this is actually true or not. This is why it is wise to use our logic here and examine the facts instead of listening to the assumptions of others.

The question is: Are minerals beneficial for you?

The answer is YES but you have to pick which minerals enter your system and the amounts of each. For instance, physicians may suggest mineral consumption depending on variants like sex, age, and medical past. While a multi-mineral supplement may benefit some people, for others it may not be a good thing as they need more or less of a single mineral in their systems. It is evident that minerals are vital for your health but you need to consider which of these you have to consume and in what amounts.

Are minerals taken by the body in equal  amounts?

The answer is NO as the origin and size of the mineral are the primary factors affecting their absorption by the body. Minerals from specific origins are more directly absorbed by the system while other types of minerals just travel through and even accumulate within the body. Mineral sources are outlined below…

What types of minerals and how much should I be taking from water?

Magnesium, Calcium, and Sodium are among the most frequent minerals in water (tap and bottle) but many times, not in higher amounts than the suggested daily dosage. Even if you have sampled your water for specific minerals, the exact numbers could shift. Big bottle water brands who market their mineral water as a healthy one, will confess that a big factor is the specific mineral make-up. View the link that follows that demonstrates how varied and irregular is the mineral content/ratio of water companies.

The majority of bottled water brands examined had 30-200mg of mixed minerals and metals. Just think about purchasing a multi-mineral supplement which writes that each bottle contains 30 to 200 mg of X or Y mineral. Not only this is unstable, it implies that in many cases, you may take more or less than the amount you are going for.


What Is The Suggested Daily Dosage Of Minerals?

 The irony about folks that are worried about mineral removal from their water is that they have no clue on how many minerals they should take and the reason why they should. Click to see a chart of for the suggested daily dosage of minerals. In reality, the amount of minerals you get in water in comparison with the suggested daily dosage is very low. Even common Calcium, which is typically found in water may occur or many not occur in enough levels, not to mention that Calcium in tap water isn’t directly absorbed by our systems.

Minerals like Potassium are nearly zero in both bottle and tap water.

Where Can We Take The Minerals Our System Requires?

Dairy, fruits, veggies, meats and seafood are great sources. Yep, it’s not what you drink, it’s what you eat that actually matters. Check this relevant article from Harvard on “What is Calcium…” and how we can obtain it. To validate this fact, choose a mineral of your interest and look up the most ideal source corresponding to that mineral. Regardless of your choice, all the above food sources e.g meat, veggies will appear at the top of the screen. Supplement suggestions may also appear but tap water info isn’t available.

Why Some People  Support That  Expelling The Minerals From Water Is  A Bad Idea?

In several instances, this is what they were taught to believe or they have their own points for believing so. The thing is, the majority of info out there that markets mineral water as good for you originates from two fields: bottled water brands and water filter brands. Of course both are useful in some occasions. But the reality is that some of the most vivid points against water distillation and removal of its minerals reflect the opinions of a minority of doctors who sell and market water filtration units. While some of their opinions have a point, they actually ignore that most of our minerals come from foods that we consume on a daily basis.


Will Taking Distilled Water Expel Minerals From My System?

This is a very frequent argument claimed by the supporters of mineral water and filters.

They argue that completely clear water will expel minerals out of your system. But in reality, there are not many studies other than 2 that validate this theory. While water is considered to be a holistic purification solution, it doesn’t mean that it will leach more minerals compared to mineral water. There is simply not enough evidence to back up such point. Another belief is that taking off the minerals will raise body’s acidity so check out an explanation of this matter.

Bottomline: Is Removing Minerals From My Water Bad?

If we consider solely the facts and not any unvalidated assumptions and theories, the answer is NO. Food sources will remain the best ways to obtain minerals as a great number of minerals naturally found in water, aren’t being utilized by the body. The whole point of drinking distilled water instead, is that either we have suffered from a health issue as the result of excessive amount of minerals, came across the health benefits of distilled water, or we are worried about other toxic substances found in tap and bottle water. So when I get to choose between tap water, bottle water or distilled water, I always feel more comfortable drinking distilled water.