APEC Top Tier 5-Stage RO System Review – Need Another Filtration Stage?



When you buy any expensive home appliance guarantees, a history of trustworthiness and brand reputation are of the utmost assurance. You want to know that when you purchase a product you don’t have to have any unnecessary worries around quality.

APEC is one of the (if not the) leading brands in the RO water filtration industry. 30-day full money back guarantee and 1-year satisfaction guarantee will do the extra bit to make you feel more comfortable with your buying decision.

It might also have caught your eye that this model makes use of 5-stages of filtration instead of the usual 4-stages of most reverse osmosis systems. In this review, we will explain to you exactly how it works and give you our honest opinion on what we think of this product


Long lasting filters

Change your filters once a year and cut down on the hassle.


Refining coconut carbon filter

Something unique to the APEC. This filter ensures that you only get the smoothest and freshest tasting drinking water.


100% lead-free chrome faucet

This in combination with an FDA Certified JG Food grade tube makes sure that no contaminants are added after the filtration process.


Quick connect fittings

Make it easy and fast for the owner to remove the filters without expert assistance.


Super Efficient APEC Carbon Blocks

These carbon blocks are estimated to remove up to 99.99% of chlorine and other relevant chemicals from tap water.


50 gallons per day

This APEC system can produce up to 50 gallons of purified water on a daily basis.


WQA certified

Certified by the Water Quality Association so that you know you are getting safe and pure water.

Pros and Cons


The only product on the market that removes 99.99% of contaminants means you will get only the purest possible drinking water.


Completely electricity free filtration system.


Requires decent water pressure to function.


Not the best looking product out there.

APEC Top Tier 5-Stage RO System – How Does It Work?

Most Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems make use of a 4-stage filtration system.

The first stage is called the pre-filter and removes any impurities that could damage the rest of the filters. The second is the RO membrane where the actual catharsis happens. The third is the post-filter (usually a carbon filter) responsible for removing the remaining contaminants that lead to foul odors or bad tastes.

The APEC does things a bit differently and more thoroughly by moving the carbon filter to in between the pre-sediment filter and the RO membrane and splitting it into two distinct filters. This is done partly to improve the system’s lifespan and to more thoroughly clean up the particles responsible for taste and smell.

The 5-Stage System


The first stage of the process makes use of a Premium Sediment Filter. These filters remove most of the sand, dust, metal, and rust particles that could damage the rest of the system. Without this filter, your system will have a much shorter lifespan.


The second Premium Carbon filter block filters out all the remaining substances to ensure the that the water is odor free, tastes fine, and has no residual chemicals or impurities.


The fifth and final stage is a filter that you might not have seen elsewhere before. A Refining Coconut Carbon Filter. This filter is there to ensure the best tasting and clearest of drinking water.


The first of two Premium Carbon filter blocks removes most impurities associated with odors and bad taste. This includes chlorines, VOC’s, and other chemicals. After this stage, the water will already look much clearer.


Only now we get to the actual refinement aqua systems. The APEC makes use of a High Rejection RO Membrane which they claim is the only one on the market capable of removing 99% of contaminants. These include fluoride, arsenic, and lead amongst others.

This is how you install the system under you sink.

So, What’s Our Impression?

Although it is always hard to judge by pure taste and looks, the water that comes out of this system tastes, looks and smells crystal clear. However, APEC is a popular and well-recognized brand and many other parties have seemed to confirm their claims that it’s the most thorough filtration system on the market and the only one capable of 99.99% elimination of impurities.

The biggest downside is probably that the system looks very dated. You will definitely want to hide it away from any eyes. Then again, purification systems have never been known for their beauty, which Brondell H2O+ brand offers. It is stylish RO system that circles the water and gives superior clarification of aqua at the fair price.

The use of the ROES-50 purifying distill is also a welcome addition. This is a very well-received and reputable workhorse of the osmose industry and we are happy to see it used in any product.

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