Brondell H2O+ Circle Water Saving RO System Review – Need a Stylish Reverse Osmosis Alternative?


OUR RATING: (4.5/5)

One of the downsides to most of today’s RO aqua filtration systems is that they aren’t the most attractive, or compact pieces of technology. They always consist of a few individual parts placed in different areas, have multiple connections to make, and aren’t soft on the eye.

In steps the Brondell H2O+. At first glance, you definitely won’t even guess that it is a RO water purification system in the first place. It is very sleek and compact and won’t be an eyesore in any kitchen. The stylish dark grey color with a chrome finish is neutral enough to fit any modern kitchen or room.

That makes it a unique product and the only one of its kind on this list. Let’s look at it in further detail so that we can see if the rest of the system matches its look.


Designer chrome faucet

Just because pure H2O is a must-have for you doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on style.


Compact design

Compared to other aqua clarification clarification systems the Brondell H2O+ is very compact. It’s also a single unit. This makes it easy to handle and saves space


Quick change filters

The Brondell’s filters work on a simple twist and seal basis. This makes it easy to swap yourself.


NSF/ANSI Stds 42, 53, 58, and 372 certified

Brondell is certified under a number of standards. 42 is for the removal of particles that affect the odor or taste of water. 53 is for the filtration of contaminants with health risks. 58 just confirms that it is a proper reverse osmosis system. Lastly, 372 is for the removal of lead.


WQA Gold Seal certified

This just further proves the quality of the H2O+ Circle.


Auto RO Filter Flushing

This flushes the RO membrane to extend its lifetime.


4-stage RO filtration

This machine is WQA certified so you know that it performs.

Pros and Cons


The sleek and compact design makes it extremely easy to fit in any kitchen without taking up space or ruining your homes aesthetics.


Less wasteful than many other systems.


New filters are very expensive.


One of the more expensive systems available.

BRONDELL H2O+ Circle Water – How Does It Work?

For all its flash and style when it comes to looks, the Brondell is a pretty standard \ system with a typical 4-stage reverse osmosis process.

In a well functioning osmosis system each one of these stages are in place to help the next stage on the line perform its job as well as take care of specific water purifying process.

The 4-Stage System


The first line of defense for your RO system, this piece is called the sediment destil and removes sand, rust, metals, and all other solids that tend to end up in our water supply. This part is absolutely essential to preserve the health of the rest of the internal purifiers and your system in general.


Now it’s time for the big boy. The RO contains the semi permeable RO membrane which filters and removes most of the contaminants typically found in water. Fluoride, cyst, and other metals are removed here. Unlike the other refines, this one only needs to be replaced every few months. It’s also sold separately from the rest.


In the first stage, the water passes through the pre-carbon cleaner. This stage is meant to remove VOCs, chlorine and soluble contaminants which are bad for your health as well as the health of your RO membrane.


The post carbon filtration is there to finish up the job. If not for this stage, your water might still test or smell foul even though it is much purer and free of contaminants. It removes the lingering chlorine and other VOC’s that affect this.

So, What’s Our Impression?

First impressions of this machine was obviously good. It’s a very welcome change in aesthetics from the standard water filtration systems that we are all used to. You don’t feel like you need to hide the unit at all. It can just as easily be exposed as hidden in a cupboard somewhere. In fact, it looks better than many other appliances. Unlike Home Master TMPH Hydroperfection purification system that is needs to go under the sink for the most assured and long lasting operational life.

The one thing that will start to pinch after a while is the price of the replacement filters. One round will cost as much as the whole system itself. Luckily, they are very easy to remove and replace and there is no need to call in a serviceman.

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