Watts Premier RO System Review – What Can An Extra Stage of Filtration Do For You?


OUR RATING (4.5/5)

When it comes to filtration systems (especially reverse osmosis) it is tempting to think that all systems are the same and it doesn’t really matter which one you buy. Thinking that is forgivable, but misguided.

Most purification systems have some specialty or niche that they cater too. Some have a special feature that sets them apart from the rest. For the Watts Premier RO-Pure 53411 that is their 4-stage system (most RO systems only have 3).

But what does this really mean? And how does it benefit you? That’s what this review is for! Read on to find out more about this model and to find out if it’s the one for you.


4-stage filtration system

Four stages of filtration go the extra mile to make sure you have the cleanest, best-tasting drink.


High-end, designer faucet

RO filtration systems tend not to be the most beautiful, however with this beautiful designer faucet, it really puts its best foot forward.


Quick and easy to change filters

Each of the systems four filters can be changed with little more than the push of a button. This makes home maintenance quick and easy.


2-gallon storage tank

Although not the biggest, this translates to enough drinking aqua for a small family on a daily basis.


50 gallons per day

That is an impressive figure. Even with a big family, you would be hard-pressed to use 50 gallons of drinking liquid on a daily basis.


NSF/ANSI certified standard 58

Rest assured that this system meets all the minimum health, safety, and quality standards.



The adapt-a-valve makes it easy for any novice to hook up this system to your homes plumbing supply.

Pros and Cons


4-stage filtration system provides superior drinking H2O.


Easy to install and maintain. The manufacturer provides clear and easy to follow instructions.


The 3.2-gallon tank is a little small when compared to most other products.


Relies on H2O pressure that is above 40 psi and delivered at 72° Fahrenheit.

WATTS Premier Osmosis RO-Pure 531411 – How Does It Work?

Usually, these RO systems operate on a  3 stage basis…

Firstly, in what’s called the pre-filter stage, the liquid is cleaned to sift out the biggest particles that can damage the membrane.

Secondly, the aqua is passes through the actual membrane where most of the contaminants are removed.

Thirdly, it passes through another drain (usually a carbon based) that makes sure there are no bad tastes or smells left.

The 4-Stage System


This is much like the first stage in a normal reverse osmosis system. A 5-micron sediment pre-filter removes bigger particles like dirt, rust, and silt from the aqua.


Now we get to the main stage where the magic happens. Watt’s states that their RO membrane removes up to 96% of total dissolved solids such as various metals and 99.9% of other contaminants such as cysts, bacteria, and viruses. It is also designed to remove nitrates and nitrites.


Usually, this stage is only done last and this is the extra stage in the 3-stage system. However, this cleanser uses a 5-micron carbon filter to filter chloramines and chlorine out. These particles usually lead to funny tasting drink.


This is the final polish on your 100% potable and fresh tasting drinks. The water is passed through another, final carbon permeate to ensure that no bad odors or tastes are left to linger.

So, What’s Our Impression?

Overall, there is not much to objectively find wrong with this system. There is no doubting the fact that it fulfills its most important goal, providing crystal clear and good tasting, drinking aqua. Once you use tap the drink out into the glass it really is crystal clear with no floating particles in site and once you taste, you know that you are drinking pure pleasure.

Our biggest complaints are a few small, practical irritations. For example, it’s fantastic that the system can process up to 50 gallons of a day, but you have to wonder what the point is with a storage tank that only has 3.2 gallons of capacity. As well as the fact that you will get sub-par performance if you don’t have the minimum plumbing pressure. Other option and alternative but just different in how it operates is Opec five stage RO structure.

However, the 4-stage system really works! It’s one of those things that just look like a marketing gimmick until you try it. There simply isn’t an impurity to be found in the that comes out of here. On top of that, the Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 is very easy to install, especially with the handy instructions provided.

This is how you install Watts RO system:

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