Tips to over come Sleep Paralysis

It isvery important to Identify weather you have Sleep Paralysis or not

10 tips for a healthy sleep and a good sleep hygiene
How can I sleep well? To sleep better,you need to know a few tips to get rid of any bad habits,improve your sleeping atmosphere,and tame the “ruminations” caused by stress or anxiety causes. Here are our 10 tips to sleep well and improve the consistency of your sleep.

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Get rid of bad habits that can mess with your sleep.

  • Don’t drink coffee or tea in the afternoon.

To sleep well,it’s best to stop stimulants early: the last coffee after lunch,no tea and even coca-cola after 4 p.m.

  • Don’t practice sport at night

Physical workouts will wake up your muscles and keep you from sleeping well.

  • It’s a terrible thing to get a hot bath to sleep well

Our body reduces its internal temperature so that it can schedule itself to sleep,it is a lukewarm bath (37 ° maximum) that will soothe you.

  • Stop the screens at least one hour before you go to sleep.

Television,computer,mobile are transmitting a very exciting blue light,close to daylight: stop being exposed to it in the evening! The 2016 Sleep Day also concentrated on emerging technology …
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  • Keep the temperature low in your bedroom

To help our body lower its internal temperature and prepare for sleep,be careful not to exceed 18-19 ° C in your bedroom,which is also well ventilated.

  • There is no computer or television in the place!

No computer,of course,because of the blue light,or some “waking” activity: no thrillers,no video games,but don’t worry about your accounts or your next day schedule. Before bedtime,a small calming ritual (herbal tea,make-up removal) will make the transition to sleep easier.

  • A Serta Motion queen adjustable mattress devoted to sleep,love,and the night.

This is THE advice for a good night’s sleep to remember: be in your Sven and Son queen adjustable bed just to sleep,aside from cuddling and sex. And things that relax you,such as reading,listening to music,can be done out of bed!
Also,don’t lie in Saatva Lineal california king adjustable base when you can’t sleep: this may increase your anxiety,nervousness,and keep you from falling asleep. You’re supposed to be relaxed in your bed,and don’t compare it to a negative thought.

  • Long live the darkness and the quiet of your room

Get rid of parasitic noise (such as the ticking of your watches) and insulate your room in a safe cocoon. Don’t hesitate to try earplugs if your partner snores. Conceal the light well with the shutters and curtains: dim light,then absolute darkness,induce the secretion of melatonin,the sleep hormone.
False assumptions and pessimistic views on sleep

  • Don’t count your night.

Giving priority to the quality of sleep rather than the quantity of sleep. Don’t persuade yourself that lack of sleep can cause irremediable exhaustion,never force your sleep by pressuring you to sleep on your next day’s schedule. Long naps will disturb the sleeping balance.

  • Listen to sleep signs to go to sleep

Are you beginning to blink,yawn,with heavy eyelids? It’s time to go to Leggett and Platt twin XL adjustable bed without waiting. Your internal clock likes daily sleeping rhythms. Listen to your body and not your mind when it comes to sleep.

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